Join us in supporting the grieving families of our community!

Giving Hope Gala

Voted #1 Community Event of 2021, this year's 2nd Annual Giving Hope Gala guarantees to be a great evening!  All seats are sold out but be sure to join us next year!

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FREE Community Education Event

The death of a family member or friend can be a life altering experience. It shatters assumptions we may have about how we thought our lives would be and impacts us to the core of our beliefs. Grief is an experience that takes us to the depths of our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual self, bringing pain, sorrow, disbelief, and struggle we never imagined we could endure. Andy McNiel has offered support to hundreds of bereaved families over the past three decades in both individual and group settings. Using metaphors, illustrations, and storytelling, Mr. McNiel will provide perspective and insights for understanding the nature of grief, how grief impacts us, the choices available to us as we grieve, how we are changed, and how we can continue to find meaning in life even in the midst of our grief.

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Professional Seminar

This training workshop will provide a context for understanding childhood, adolescent, and adult bereavement. This workshop will explore the impact of grief on individuals’ lives and offer insight into modes of support. Family adaptive tasks after a death will be discussed, along with ethical considerations when providing support to bereaved individuals. This workshop will share techniques, tools, and practical ideas for supporting bereaved people of all ages as they navigate the challenges that grief brings to their lives.

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