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Our Story

Founded Nov. 2019 Started serving families Jan. 2020

It isn't until you experience the death of a loved one that you fully grasp grief and the need for grief support. Often times grief can be all encompassing leaving adults to try to put families back together in the midst of their own grief and children without the grief support they need.

​Dustin's Place is named in memory of Dustin Cullen, a Believer who lived his life as a testament to God's grace. Dustin loved his family and friends completely. He was the husband of Viki (Cullen) Brown and father of Caythan, Liliana, and Dean Cullen. In 2016, Dustin was in a single car fatal accident leaving his wife, Viki, as a young widow alone to love for, care for, and attempt to put life back together again for their 3 young children at 6 years old, 5 years old, and 11 months old.​

While they were surrounded with love from their family and friends the need for grief support and care was evident. Viki and her children attended a children's grief support group together and immediately felt the connection with other grieving families.​In October 2018, Viki along with some of Dustin's closest friends began the process of opening a children's grief center in our own community. Dustin's Place was founded February 18, 2019. Dustin's Place provides free grief support through peer support group meetings where children and their families can gather together with volunteer facilitators, who through their passion for helping others, have chosen to be companions during our family's grief journeys.

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Meet the Staff

Board of Directors

Passion. Dedication. Commitment.

Dustin's Place Board of Directors are committed to providing guidance to our staff, advocating for and supporting the grieving children and families of our community as well as taking the lead on our fundraising events and finances.  We are fortunate to have this dedicated group of professionals as our Board of Directors.

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The Heart of Dustin's Place

Dustin's Place relies on the many hours of our volunteers to support the grieving children and families that come to our free grief support groups.  Our volunteers facilitate group discussion, create meaningful crafts, and provide a safe, secure environment for our families to share their grief.  We currently have 23 volunteers that have committed to attending groups nights and their desire and passion for the grieving community is what makes Dustin's Place the hope filled place we are.  


Join the Team

We are always looking for passionate individuals interested in supporting the grieving community.


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Thanks for your interest in joining our team!

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